Saturday, February 18, 2012

Join Me In AWE: Inside Scoop : Julicia Hernandez

Join Me In AWE: Inside Scoop : Julicia Hernandez: It's time again for the Inside Scoop! Get to know Julicia Hernandez of Julicia's Creations a little better by reading her responses to my u...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Need a Little Inspiration Sometimes....

Sometimes in life there comes a time where you say to yourself or Out Loud WTH!!!
These past couple of Weeks have been those to me. I don't know if its that I have been dealing with a severe toothache and now had them removed so I'm on Heavy Antibiotics and Pain meds or that its that time a year where  I actually have to sit done and go through all my receipts and paper work to do taxes.. But I'm in a FUNK!!! Running a small at home business is Dare I say it ....H.A.R.D oh gosh I did. My business is a Product driven business so I'm having a Hard time actually having the inclination to just CREATE, in the beginning I was always coming up with designs, sketching, making notes and making something in my "work shop" front room of the house. Lately that has not been, Oh don't get me wrong I have lots of Ideas and ramblings of Oh that would be so cool, and Oh so Gotta make something with Orange and Oh I have to try that technique and SOOOO on. Its that lately I'm saying to myself alot, Oh I can do it later and well as we all know Life has a way of making you forget (Got 4 kids) And this is where I'm going in my Ramblings of Finding your inspiration.
Last night I sat on the couch at Oh I'd say around 12:30am and Had a Cry, yes a cry not for any particular reason or because something bad happened, I just felt like crying and I realized I have been holding on to that cry for weeks now Rationalizing to myself I don't have a reason to cry you big Dummy, The kids are all healthy, Husband is healthy, your so-so healthy(teeth are my issue) You have a home, food, clothing,
electricity so on the list goes. Why do you need to CRY??? And That's when I finally just let it Be. I cried and now I feel SO MUCH BETTER!!! still in a Funk but I got My thoughts off of the wanting to cry feeling and Back on What needs to be done. Paper work, Finding Inspiration and creating so I say BRING IT!!!!! Mommas gonna make it happen. So on here I post the Picture of My Inspiration and will be Posting it on My fridge, computer station, sewing area and Leather area to remind me why I must be successful in what ever I do and strive on. MY CHILDREN!!!Have a Wonderful day & God Bless he has Blessed me more then I could have thought
My Sons alejandro 13 & Davian 5.5
My Daughters Julica 17& Eliana 11

My Clan last summer in California

Thursday, January 26, 2012

?? What's going On ??

Well Its almost he end of January and I am so ready for it to be Spring Time Me and Winter are not close friends. Even if I do live in the Desert it gets Chilly here in the Valley of the Sun. Well sales this month have been to say the nice thing is well Crap !!!
 I don't usually say the nice thing when it comes to my money and OR LACK OF IT.
I can understand being only a month away from Christmas, I know I'm strapped for cash so Its expected. Im hoping things pick up cause if not This mommas getting a J.O.B

Whats coming up for Julicia's Creations?? Well this next weekend Sat Feb 4th I will be at Artwerks Lateral in Glendale,AZ for the First Saturday Artwalk.  Its a Great Organization that is trying to help local Artist be seen and heard. They Provide us artist Free space to set up our wares and do demonstrations of our medium so People can see how we do our stuff. They have every medium there from Watercolor,acrylic,Oil painters also Wood working artist turning wood there also a Ceramic artist that throws on a wheel, Glass artist, Photographers, Found object artist, Fiber Artists
Also there are lots of Jewelery Artist in all styles from Beaded, chainmaile, polymer, and Me with  Leather
It has been a Great Thing for me to be part of this organization and I Am Very Blessed to have been includes this great group of folks, especially in these time to have an opportunity to set up your wares for folks to admire and purchase for no Fee is WONDERFUL! especially to starving artist out there. ( I'm not Starving Hubby has a Full time Job Thank God) To see more about his great Organization please hit on this link and you can see what I'm talking about.

I'm also looking into other local events but as with everything its the Money thing that hurts. I am just to strapped for cash to do the Bigger Craft shows and SCARED to try (let's be honest) Its a hard thing to pay 200+ for a chance at selling you stuff and then have No sales UGGHH!!! Its disappointing when I just PAY 20-50$ for a spot and Barely make that amount so to pay more is just Not Smart right Now for me and My Family.
But I have invested in a New Sewing Machine (well not new its an Oldie but goodie from the 1950's)A Singer 201-2 I did this so I could do more products in my Leather work and be quicker about it. Hand sewing Leather is Hard work and very time consuming and Folks wont pay for my pain and time to do it especially when In the States you can buy a Leather wallet,cover,belt for such little money because of all the importing from china.
If folks would just shift how they shop we could save this country from be Financially Bankrupted. It is a hard thing to do especially when folks are trying to stretch their own dollar. It has to start at the top and I don't see that happening in my Lifetime.

ANYWAY back to my sewing machine I'm am so giddy about it, as you know or don't my first skill is as a Designer/Seamstress so I'm looking forward to trying it out in all my works. I CANT WAIT!!!

Also coming up My Prices In my Etsy & Zibbet shops are going up next week due to the prices going up in my Supplies. I do plan on having a Sale next week to celebrate Valentines So Keep an Eye out for it

Well I hope all have a Wonderful Day and
God Bless

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year New Attitude

Happy New Year!! I hope all had a Wonderful and safe one. I know I did spent the holidays with Family in California and it was a Great time.
Julicia's Creations will be going thru some much needed revamping,clean up and all over a new attitude shift!! I am trying a NEW ATTITUDE towards me  and my artistic endeavors. I need to be creating more and trying to do a more web presence with more listing,blogging website updating ETC.
My Plan is to shift some of my Creating back into my First Love and Skill of Sewing. I want to start making some Kids Clothing, I just miss making Lil ones clothing since my girls out grew my obsessive need for Pretty Little girls dress and I will be doing some women's stuff also to feed my need for Lovely Items for myself.
Upcoming events for Julicia's Creations I will have my Business Cards in the Gift Lounge for the Golden Globes Being represented by The Artisan Group.
I am Looking forward to seeing if I can get some New Lovers of my Leather creations this way so Maybe next time I can afford to actually do the actual gifting for it I'm hoping to do The MTV movie awards event in the summer.(fingers crossed)
Will also be back out in Glendale,AZ for the Artwerks Lateral for the First Saturday events in Feb.
also looking for other events closer to home to keep my Gas and travel cost down so hopefully I find some but Im gonna keep it to a Minimum and concentrate on selling more thru the Web.
Well here's to some much needed Creating,Cleaning,Organizing and a Better NEW ATTITUDE
God Bless

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Deals Of the WEEK at Julicia's Creations

Hello everyone I hope All are having a wonderful week. Mine started off with me scrambling but I'm in a groove right now, so to continue in that momentum I am trying to get a steady stream of orders this week. That is why I'm doing the Deal of the Day promo thru my Facebook Page
 Julicia's Creations
 Monday was my Custom 1/2" name/word Bracelets for $4 it was a Great turn out in orders.
Tuesday was My Key holders for $5 not so hot but it went, Only 1 order. 
Wednesday: Earrings They will all be a great deal at $6
There will be an album with pictures to chose from To see which designs you have to be a fan of my page
Thursday: Necklaces will be $5 they will be a Leather pendant customizable with a name,symbol,designs I will have pictures posted on what is available.
Friday: Dog Collars will be $10  (up to a neck size of 14")They will be the 1" collars with the Name,Number and a edge stamped design you can pick from lots of colors (larger sizes are available but would be extra$)
Saturday : Wrap bracelets These are my Favorites and most popular Item
They will be at a Great price of $14 (originally $20)
Theses are a personalized item and the options are limitless You can names,words,dates sayings and lots of colors or just with a design. Lots of Options
Sunday well that's a surprise!! A really GREAT deal I promise
so come on by and see the options for the deals. leave comments and please do share with all you know
OH YEAH Also for a Little surprise anyone who Bought any of my Daily Deals will be entered into A Raffle for a Prize. so please Come on by and enjoy these great deals at Julicia's Creations
Thank You & God Bless

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Having A Sale

I am having a Cyber week sale untill Friday Dec 2nd at midnight
BOGO 1/2 OFF sale a minimum first order of 10$

you can go to my shops and window shop email me what you would like and I will list a custom item for you or send you a PAYPAL invoice for you to Pay VERY EASY!!  or
 Also if you are a Fellow Villager or TAG member email me tell me your shop name and I will send you a special Code to use for 30% anything if only 1 item is wanted.
Please come like my Facebook page and you will be the First to Know of any other future sale events
I hope all had a Wonderfull Thanksgiving weekend  I had a Great one my parents came brought my Nieces it was a Fun Time.
God Bless

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Newest going Ons!

If you didn't know Julicia's Creations   is a member of The Artisan Group or TAG for short. What is TAG?? you ask, well its is a Artist Promotions group representing Talented artist at Hollywood's Gifting Lounges. They go to several exclusive events and hand out 100 Bags to the celebrities and to Press Reps or their "People" and the Artist get a chance of getting some Great exposure. So I'm doing my first event for the Golden Globes but I am only able to do the Business Cards Option but that is OK  It fits in my budget and gets my feet wet and Hopefully I reach some new fans "orders" (Prayers answered)So you ask How can I get in? well its an exclusive group but you can apply and if you pass the Standards then Your in and have the great opportunity to get into some great Gifting Lounges without this you could do the events on your own but then again you would need to pay BIG $$$ to participate and have to go through event planners to get in on it. I received an email about a year ago if I would like to do a Gifting lounge for a Disney event and they wanted $2000.00 and on top of that provide the 100 samples and packaging and Being there to Pass it out and Represent.. YEAH I got that right here NOT!!! so when I got the invite to TAG I was Very Blessed indeed. Also a new thing Is sending Swag bags to a Specific Celebrity, TAG sent a care package to Giuliana Rancic from The E network and Now they are sending bags to Hilary Duff, Jessica Alba, and Zooey Deschanel. How great is that I got in to do it for Zooey Love her new show New Girl  and her part on ELF our families favorite Christmas movie. So I am looking forward to seeing if I get any feedback from it any tweets or Thank yous. My Hubby on the other hand see's it as well to put it nicely a waste He asked me Why do Celebrities need to receive FREE stuff they have the $$ to pay just seems Odd. I say they cant buy things if they don't know it's there to buy. So here's to Positive Affirmations and being blessed enough to get to make awesome artistry

I hope all have a Glorious Thanksgiving and That its a Happy and Safe one
God Bless

Welcome To My Blog

Thank you for checking on my Blog it is a work in Progress and hopefully will have a Regular post on it as I am trying to make it so,They say do a new thing for 21 days and it becomes Habit so I have made this my new one thing. Here's to building new Healthy Habits