Friday, March 25, 2011

My New events I have Planned

Well If you Are a Fan of Julicia's Creations on facebook then you were aware of the sale I had going for 2 weeks to save 18% in my Etsy & Zibbet shops to celebrate my 18th Anniversary being Married to my Wonderful & Loving Husband. And if you weren't aware then,  what are you waiting for??  Come like my page and my http://facebook/juliciahernandez This way you will be aware of all my specials, giveaways, sales and events Im Doing. Also On my website there is a Sign up for a Newsletter Please also do this And you can get updates in your emails I do not use them for anything else and would never share them so go and sign up. well now for whats going on...

As you read the last post I'm having a Hard time doing a blog so I'm trying to be more organized and plan out my days But its a Habit learning Process for me.
But I'm working on it Its just some days are Very Hard to even just sit and think about or plan anything with 4 kids and trying to run my online shops and do my Custom sewing for Clients and Doing the occasional call for Alterations ( had 2 this week) I'm lucky if I get 5 mins to Breathe and drink some coffee without thinking Oh I gotta do this or this and Today was a my OK I can Breathe Day
To regroup and Plan out whats next Oh and I have to do my Tax info (WHAT??? Yeah I know I'm doing it Late )so Hopefully I can manage to file on time And WOW!!! I have LOTS Of receipts I think I spent WAY more then I made that's for sure. God Has Truly Blessed me with a Husband who is trying to Let me do my thing and Bless the Lord he Has a job where I can do this, If not for that I would be Working Out of the house instead of being home for my kids and doing my stuff.
So Now for my event notices I will be at the

the first Saturday of April and May then it starts back up in October. Here you can Enjoy a Beautiful day In Old town Glendale and see all the beautiful art and artist demonstrating their skills,also see all the great antique shops and boutiques and don't forget about the Great restaurant's to eat at.
LOCATION : 58th Ave/57th Drv in Glendale, Az Cross street is Glendale Ave

April 9th I will be a Vendor at the 1st Annual Skin & Steel show Hosted by the American legion Post #2
ARIZONA'S FIRST AND ONLY TATTOO AND MOTORCYCLE SHOW!! Who doesn't love ink and bikes? Life doesn’t get much better than this. A full day of FUN!!
LOCATION : American Legion Post 2
                         2125 S Industrial Park Ave
                         Tempe, AZ

HUGE BIKE SHOW ($10 Bike Show Entry 9AM including custom professional builder, custom street builder & several more categories) * Tribute Bikes on display  (YUMMY) Biker Baked Goods Auction!! * MOTORCYCLE SWAP MEET * LOTS OF VENDORS * LIVE MUSIC * BEER * $5 SLOPPY JOE LUNCH * Eagle Hugs are only $1, too. Vendor information and additional details please call Eagle (480-600-4056) SUPPORT OUR TROOPS and their Families...Proceeds benefit the American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund. General Admission is FREE!

Well that's my April so Far hopefully I can find some more places for April
God Bless and remember to come on over to my Facebook Pages and Like me

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Well its been Almost a Month and well No blog and I'm Sorry to myself since I only have 4 followers ; )  but I'm finding that a blog is harder for me to handle then I thought, its just in my life I'm either trying to make my Leather jewelry for local art/craft shows or my orders off my online stores  and now I've been trying my hand at Networking and the social media thing and its just SO time consuming and don't forget I'm a mom of 4 and a wife to a Hubby who is looking at me sometimes why I even bother trying to do so much at once, I say I'm trying to establish a Business where I am doing something I love which is creating my jewelry and occasional clothing and he Quickly turns around and says "You don't look like your Loving it right now" WOW!! an eyeopener so I am done trying to do everything so if my blog suffers so be it Im done trying to be this all knowing, super woman of business because I'm not, Im a Leather Artist and SUPER  Exceptional Designer/Seamstress pattern maker and I will have to wait until I have enough money or clients so I can pay someone to do all the Background nitty gritty you have to do to run a business like blogging,Face book,twitter,etc its so time consuming I'm just not good at time management I guess its my artistic brain. I Don't like sitting here all day doing the Computer thing And personal I'm getting Addicted to face book checking all the post making my comments getting people to like my page finding new friends to add so I can get more likes Its is never ending. So I might get to My Blog about my steps on how I do my leather creations or maybe not. I will keep a Positive outlook and keep on Creating.  Whether it be my Leather ,Clothing for kids & clients, and most importantly a Happy Family
Oh and on another note I joined the SampleVillage its a great way of advertising my work and I don't have to do all the nittygritty for it its a collective thing I will post a link so you can find out about them
God Bless

Welcome To My Blog

Thank you for checking on my Blog it is a work in Progress and hopefully will have a Regular post on it as I am trying to make it so,They say do a new thing for 21 days and it becomes Habit so I have made this my new one thing. Here's to building new Healthy Habits