Thursday, March 10, 2011


Well its been Almost a Month and well No blog and I'm Sorry to myself since I only have 4 followers ; )  but I'm finding that a blog is harder for me to handle then I thought, its just in my life I'm either trying to make my Leather jewelry for local art/craft shows or my orders off my online stores  and now I've been trying my hand at Networking and the social media thing and its just SO time consuming and don't forget I'm a mom of 4 and a wife to a Hubby who is looking at me sometimes why I even bother trying to do so much at once, I say I'm trying to establish a Business where I am doing something I love which is creating my jewelry and occasional clothing and he Quickly turns around and says "You don't look like your Loving it right now" WOW!! an eyeopener so I am done trying to do everything so if my blog suffers so be it Im done trying to be this all knowing, super woman of business because I'm not, Im a Leather Artist and SUPER  Exceptional Designer/Seamstress pattern maker and I will have to wait until I have enough money or clients so I can pay someone to do all the Background nitty gritty you have to do to run a business like blogging,Face book,twitter,etc its so time consuming I'm just not good at time management I guess its my artistic brain. I Don't like sitting here all day doing the Computer thing And personal I'm getting Addicted to face book checking all the post making my comments getting people to like my page finding new friends to add so I can get more likes Its is never ending. So I might get to My Blog about my steps on how I do my leather creations or maybe not. I will keep a Positive outlook and keep on Creating.  Whether it be my Leather ,Clothing for kids & clients, and most importantly a Happy Family
Oh and on another note I joined the SampleVillage its a great way of advertising my work and I don't have to do all the nittygritty for it its a collective thing I will post a link so you can find out about them
God Bless

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Thank you for checking on my Blog it is a work in Progress and hopefully will have a Regular post on it as I am trying to make it so,They say do a new thing for 21 days and it becomes Habit so I have made this my new one thing. Here's to building new Healthy Habits