Sunday, February 13, 2011

And it keeps on Going

Well its been 2 weeks since my last Blog and not a peep from me
"SMACK" me hitting myself for being bad. So hard to get distracted and get caught up in the things of Life,Kids, etc. My daughter actually was Very ill  the first week of February and missed 4 days of school so had to help her get well and do the Mommy duty of TLC, then I did a chili/biker run on the 5th so had to make items to fit that crowd I will attach some pic's so you can see the type of things I worked on. I was working WAY outside my Pretty Girly Box.
But it was Fun and enjoyed it especially the gun Holsters.
But I will do my serious on my steps of leather crafting. I've been brain storming and trying to do it the best I can so that it is a learning experience and Helpful. But as I am not an expert in this I will do my best and that is All GOD Asks of all of us anyway. I think I will start with the Leather and how they vary in weight,thickness and what is used for what. So that will be my Plan for this week and hope you enjoy the pics of My Rougher/Tougher  Items
God Bless

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  1. I'm diggin the first one - is that metal or stained silver? It's good to work outside of your comfort zone - makes your world bigger to navigate through. Keep up the good work! Cindy


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