Saturday, December 11, 2010

Julicia's Creations: Dec 11 11:30pm

Julicia's Creations: Dec 11 11:30pm: "Well it was the Last craft show for the year and well to say the least it was Terrible. I made money to pay the fee that's it... So disappoi..."

Dec 11 11:30pm

Well it was the Last craft show for the year and well to say the least it was Terrible. I made money to pay the fee that's it... So disappointed i was really looking forward to this venue in a nice neighborhood but no one spending money unless it is for food/drinks. But I strive on and Pray for better days and will be blessed for a Great 2011 in my small business. Now I will let go the disappointment and think about all the work I have to do for Christmas gifts and getting ready for my Kobudo test on the 18th (Kobudo? its Okinawan Weapons) Didn't you know we are a Martial Arts Family? OOPS It has bee part of my family since before I was Born and When I got Married my Husband Joined as my fathers student. 17 years later my Husband Is a 4th degree black belt in Karate and weapons and has his own schools in Ajo,AZ and Gila Bend,AZ
and Hopefully will be a Regular Family Business when he retires or can quit his Job. You never know we can win the Lotto,Oh yeah gotta play to win. But anyway I'm am looking at 2 weeks of Late nights and Lots of sewing and leather work. Hopefully in the New year I will do blogs on my Process of my work and show a step by step process of my Creating. So I end this post with a wish for all who read this a Blessed and Wonderful Holiday season
God Bless you and all your Family

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Julicia's Creations: Dec 1st

Julicia's Creations: Dec 1st: "OH MY GOD the end of the year is closing in UGGHHH!!! I have so much to do and it seems I have let time slip through my hands to get it done..."

Dec 1st

OH MY GOD the end of the year is closing in UGGHHH!!!
I have so much to do and it seems I have let time slip through my hands to get it done. I have no gifts bought no gifts made yet and so much to do. The buying front will be very light this year. Money has not stretched far enough and Bills just keep piling up. Thank God for my abilities and Talents So most our gifts will be Homemade for others. Now don't get it twisted My handmade Gifts Are Awesome!!! My Jewelry is quality made and my Sewing is even a 100 times better so... so keeping my flow
I will have a Facebook friends Special. Buy one and get one 1/2 off for 2 weeks.
So if you are my friend and follow my Pages and send me an order through my Facebook I will honor it. Can you believe it? you can check out my Leather work on or my or my facebook page Julicia's Creations or Julicia Hernandez and Friend me
and Hey Don't forget I am an Expert Seamstress/Designer I can sew anything and everything that is made of Fabric. I will be making some fun fleece items for sale next week so keep an eye out for them. Well I must Run I have LOTS OF Work To do!
God Bless and remember All is Possible when You Believe

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Julicia's Creations: So do I Have a Blog?

Julicia's Creations: So do I Have a Blog?: "So do I have a Blog? That is the question of the night. I am seriously thinking NO. I think this is a way for me to channel my inner thought..."

Monday, November 22, 2010

So do I Have a Blog?

So do I have a Blog? That is the question of the night. I am seriously thinking NO. I think this is a way for me to channel my inner thoughts,wishes,plans,ideas,rantings and maybe feelings. Today has been a Hard day for me. I am being visited by my monthly Nemesis so I am all over the place with my emotions and hormones. I am really missing my Dog DELILAH. She left us on Oct 21st and I am having a hard time pushing my sadness down anymore. I know she was a dog but she was My Dog,not the Family dog per say But MINE and she was my little miss she followed me went everywhere I went and knew how to cheer me up on my bad days. So here I am Having a Bad day and No Delilah. I will miss her forever!
Not only that sadness but I am having a moment of questioning  if  I am just waisting my time trying to have a business selling my leather creations. Had 2 events in a row and not great sales and my website not giving me any business and selling on Etsy is just as Grim...So what do i do ? My Husband Is just not as supportive like he used to be, He just belittles the places says I'm just waisting money and time. So what do I do? I need something to feel Like I'm  contributing to the Family and myself worth. I know times are Very hard and People just don't have the $ to spend on stuff They don't need and so  I'm wondering what Now? Do I wait until things get back on track for folks or just keep on plugging away. Maybe I need to expand my Services and items I sell.
More sewing items? I am at a crossroads do I just get a job? Even If I could get one. I want to be Home for my kids so they always have me here when they need me.What am I to do? As with all my great delemas I seek a higher power to show me the way And so I will seek my answer in Him
God Bless and Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving full of Thanks and Blessings

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monday Oct 11th

Well today was a Day of cleaning ya! My Laundry room was so dirty and full of dust dirt spiders etc... I live in the desert of Arizona so dirt and dust is a fact of life. But cleaning out the laundry room I had such a bad allergy attack took some benedryl and was out like a light. So I didn't finish my Jedi costumes and didn't do my sketches for a client who wants some clown outfits..MAN am I lucky i don't have a boss to get on my ass, But then again if I did i would have not cleaned the laundry and the hall and the living room  WOOOO what a minute I'm glad I did those things right?Even though I cant breathe and my head feels like its in a vice and too my families account I Look Like a vampire who hasn't drank blood in a year so That made me feel Ooh so Beautiful : )
But Tomorrow I will finish the costumes and the sketches for Sure!!!
Oh yeah and start Packing  I am going to Cali for  5 days Its my kids fall break this week and My Niece turns 16 on Friday so we're going to celebrate and also i will try to go Downtown to hit my Favorite Fabric District Oh the Possibilities. Well the benedyl is kicking in and I wont be accountable for what I will type next so Good night and God bless
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Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Night

Well its the end of the week and I am happy the weekend is here. I always am  because it means I was blessed to be here another week to spend on this great earth with my Husband and children. I will be finishing the Jedi costume this weekend, Had the fitting and Only one needed adjustments so pretty happy about that. Saturday is also Soccer for my son in the early Morning and then to town for some fun in the fabric and craft stores (my favorite) Not so much for my kids but OH WELL : ) But i plan on doing some more leather work and getting my fleece out to start my winter hats I make for gifts and selling of course also I was thinking of wrist warmers and Leg warmers to match the hats. I will post them on my facebook page once I have products done
I wish I new how to get more readers to this but oh well I will just write its very therapeutic. maybe I ll do one for my rants and raving I'm a very sarcastic and opinionated ladie and cant say some of my thoughts here I'm trying to be PC for business and don't want to offend folks with my thoughts LOL
But anyway I hope all have a Blessed and Glorious Weekend
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wed Oct 6th

Well My week is going good I am Sewing a friends costumes for her Boys. A Yoda and Obi one will have a fitting tomorrow to see if I'm on the right track.
I did some bracelets for my October specials, Two are for Breast Cancer awareness month and the 2 other are for people into their astrology signs, Libra and Scorpio. I will be posting them on Face book in the morning for all to view.
Also I have to come up with some design options for a potential customer who is a Professional Entertainer (Party's,Clowns Etc) Not a stripper LOL.Not saying I'm opposed to making outfits for them, a Paying Customer is a Paying customer and I'm positive they would have the cash. Also My Nieces Birthday is next week so I have to make my new Staple the Birthday Bracelet she is turning 16... Life goes by to fast. I remember when my nena and her would be crawling around in their diapers, Dancing around nude as babies oh the pictures we have for blackmail HA HA. Jk kidding girls I"ll save them for your kids to see. Well I must tuck in Davi,  Good night all and God Bless
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Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Oct 4th

A new Month, a new week and hopefully great advancement on my to do list.
I am working on Jedi costumes this week and have a potential client for a Clown Outfit. We had our first meeting On Sunday and meet her and Her Mom,They  seem very nice and hopefully I will be working with them for a long time.They are Professional entertainers and need Lots of Costumes done over the year.I will be doing some sketches My brain is flooding with ideas.  LOVE doing COSTUMES! Your free to go over the top. also This is Breast Cancer awareness month so I will be doing a bracelet for it and also I will be coming up with my October specials so check out my facebook page Julicia's Creations. I hope everyone has a very Blessed Day.
Just remember if you are alive and breathing you are Blessed.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Well the weeks almost over and I have almost finished my Daughter Dress for the Homecoming dance, a few adjustments and will be done. I started some kids Leather bracelets to post on etsy and Zibbet They will be my Nickname bracelets and Military Love Bracelets. I need to mail out some applications for some Holiday craft fairs but still not sure if I want to do them. But I think if I don't want too then I will force myself to do them.. I have to make the products and come up with the designs so I think that's what is scaring me from doing it.
The fact I would need product That's Scary especially if it doesn't sell, then what
OH POOH I am doing it!!!!!! Everything starts with believing and having Faith
and I DO so everything will be wonderful. I have to keep reminding myself only FEAR holds the believer back, its the sand in the Machinery of life.
So I hope all have a Blessed Day

Monday, September 27, 2010

No one is seeing this???

Ok I am doing this blog but how do I get followers to read it or even want to check it out. I can just write about anything and it would'nt matter right now.
But I will keep it clean... It was my Oldest sons Birthday this weekend and he had his friends over and 2 slept over. They had lots of Fun. Got him the new Halo reach game,some And 1's, cleaks for soccer,some Cardinal Gear,and clothes.
He was very Happy I also made my new tradition The Birthday Bracelet Check it out on my Face Book page Julicia's Creations It is Awesome!!! 
I was alittle disappointed in my family in Cali, Grandparents didn't call or his tio (uncle) I thought they would have.
This week I am working on my daughter homecoming dress and will do some posting on my selling sites,, No Excuses!!!
I am in control of my destiny and I will make it a successful one.
Well Goodnight and I will blog again in 2 nights

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My First Blog On Blogger

Well I went to a Business mixer and the meeting was on how to use a Blog to get more people to your business. So here I am trying it out, I'm not sure if this is something that will work. I am a Leather jewelry maker and seamstress/Personal designer so advertising gets me my work so I have to try every avenue. They say I should make my bloggs about what I do and how I can teach others about what I do. As of now I will have to think about that and start with an Intro about me.
I am a Graduate of The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles,Ca. I worked in the industry for about 10yrs doing every job from Sewing room assistant,Pattern maker/ Asst Designer to Designing.
I left the industry to move to Arizona for my Husband Job and I have been a Domestic executive ever since. I have kept my skills up doing freelance jobs from curtains to Weddings. Now I am a Leather Jewelry maker and Trying to do a Home based Business of it. I have started my own website and sell on several handcrafted selling sites like,, all under Julicias Creations
 I will try to post several time a week but my $  comes from me actually having product to sell and hopefully I will be selling at some Craft fairs in Arizona And If I do I will make sure everyone Knows
God Bless and Have a Glorious evening

Welcome To My Blog

Thank you for checking on my Blog it is a work in Progress and hopefully will have a Regular post on it as I am trying to make it so,They say do a new thing for 21 days and it becomes Habit so I have made this my new one thing. Here's to building new Healthy Habits