Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dec 11 11:30pm

Well it was the Last craft show for the year and well to say the least it was Terrible. I made money to pay the fee that's it... So disappointed i was really looking forward to this venue in a nice neighborhood but no one spending money unless it is for food/drinks. But I strive on and Pray for better days and will be blessed for a Great 2011 in my small business. Now I will let go the disappointment and think about all the work I have to do for Christmas gifts and getting ready for my Kobudo test on the 18th (Kobudo? its Okinawan Weapons) Didn't you know we are a Martial Arts Family? OOPS It has bee part of my family since before I was Born and When I got Married my Husband Joined as my fathers student. 17 years later my Husband Is a 4th degree black belt in Karate and weapons and has his own schools in Ajo,AZ and Gila Bend,AZ
and Hopefully will be a Regular Family Business when he retires or can quit his Job. You never know we can win the Lotto,Oh yeah gotta play to win. But anyway I'm am looking at 2 weeks of Late nights and Lots of sewing and leather work. Hopefully in the New year I will do blogs on my Process of my work and show a step by step process of my Creating. So I end this post with a wish for all who read this a Blessed and Wonderful Holiday season
God Bless you and all your Family

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