Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dec 1st

OH MY GOD the end of the year is closing in UGGHHH!!!
I have so much to do and it seems I have let time slip through my hands to get it done. I have no gifts bought no gifts made yet and so much to do. The buying front will be very light this year. Money has not stretched far enough and Bills just keep piling up. Thank God for my abilities and Talents So most our gifts will be Homemade for others. Now don't get it twisted My handmade Gifts Are Awesome!!! My Jewelry is quality made and my Sewing is even a 100 times better so... so keeping my flow
I will have a Facebook friends Special. Buy one and get one 1/2 off for 2 weeks.
So if you are my friend and follow my Pages and send me an order through my Facebook I will honor it. Can you believe it? you can check out my Leather work on or my or my facebook page Julicia's Creations or Julicia Hernandez and Friend me
and Hey Don't forget I am an Expert Seamstress/Designer I can sew anything and everything that is made of Fabric. I will be making some fun fleece items for sale next week so keep an eye out for them. Well I must Run I have LOTS OF Work To do!
God Bless and remember All is Possible when You Believe

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