Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monday Oct 11th

Well today was a Day of cleaning ya! My Laundry room was so dirty and full of dust dirt spiders etc... I live in the desert of Arizona so dirt and dust is a fact of life. But cleaning out the laundry room I had such a bad allergy attack took some benedryl and was out like a light. So I didn't finish my Jedi costumes and didn't do my sketches for a client who wants some clown outfits..MAN am I lucky i don't have a boss to get on my ass, But then again if I did i would have not cleaned the laundry and the hall and the living room  WOOOO what a minute I'm glad I did those things right?Even though I cant breathe and my head feels like its in a vice and too my families account I Look Like a vampire who hasn't drank blood in a year so That made me feel Ooh so Beautiful : )
But Tomorrow I will finish the costumes and the sketches for Sure!!!
Oh yeah and start Packing  I am going to Cali for  5 days Its my kids fall break this week and My Niece turns 16 on Friday so we're going to celebrate and also i will try to go Downtown to hit my Favorite Fabric District Oh the Possibilities. Well the benedyl is kicking in and I wont be accountable for what I will type next so Good night and God bless
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