Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Night

Well its the end of the week and I am happy the weekend is here. I always am  because it means I was blessed to be here another week to spend on this great earth with my Husband and children. I will be finishing the Jedi costume this weekend, Had the fitting and Only one needed adjustments so pretty happy about that. Saturday is also Soccer for my son in the early Morning and then to town for some fun in the fabric and craft stores (my favorite) Not so much for my kids but OH WELL : ) But i plan on doing some more leather work and getting my fleece out to start my winter hats I make for gifts and selling of course also I was thinking of wrist warmers and Leg warmers to match the hats. I will post them on my facebook page once I have products done
I wish I new how to get more readers to this but oh well I will just write its very therapeutic. maybe I ll do one for my rants and raving I'm a very sarcastic and opinionated ladie and cant say some of my thoughts here I'm trying to be PC for business and don't want to offend folks with my thoughts LOL
But anyway I hope all have a Blessed and Glorious Weekend
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