Thursday, September 30, 2010


Well the weeks almost over and I have almost finished my Daughter Dress for the Homecoming dance, a few adjustments and will be done. I started some kids Leather bracelets to post on etsy and Zibbet They will be my Nickname bracelets and Military Love Bracelets. I need to mail out some applications for some Holiday craft fairs but still not sure if I want to do them. But I think if I don't want too then I will force myself to do them.. I have to make the products and come up with the designs so I think that's what is scaring me from doing it.
The fact I would need product That's Scary especially if it doesn't sell, then what
OH POOH I am doing it!!!!!! Everything starts with believing and having Faith
and I DO so everything will be wonderful. I have to keep reminding myself only FEAR holds the believer back, its the sand in the Machinery of life.
So I hope all have a Blessed Day

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