Monday, September 27, 2010

No one is seeing this???

Ok I am doing this blog but how do I get followers to read it or even want to check it out. I can just write about anything and it would'nt matter right now.
But I will keep it clean... It was my Oldest sons Birthday this weekend and he had his friends over and 2 slept over. They had lots of Fun. Got him the new Halo reach game,some And 1's, cleaks for soccer,some Cardinal Gear,and clothes.
He was very Happy I also made my new tradition The Birthday Bracelet Check it out on my Face Book page Julicia's Creations It is Awesome!!! 
I was alittle disappointed in my family in Cali, Grandparents didn't call or his tio (uncle) I thought they would have.
This week I am working on my daughter homecoming dress and will do some posting on my selling sites,, No Excuses!!!
I am in control of my destiny and I will make it a successful one.
Well Goodnight and I will blog again in 2 nights


  1. You could try leaving comments or follow other peoples' blogs who shares your interests. Then they will know that your blog exists. Some might return the favour. Thats what I did.

  2. Just pat yourself on the back that you are trying it! It takes awhile, but you will be found. Get your posts across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and keep it fun and informative. Good job!


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