Monday, November 22, 2010

So do I Have a Blog?

So do I have a Blog? That is the question of the night. I am seriously thinking NO. I think this is a way for me to channel my inner thoughts,wishes,plans,ideas,rantings and maybe feelings. Today has been a Hard day for me. I am being visited by my monthly Nemesis so I am all over the place with my emotions and hormones. I am really missing my Dog DELILAH. She left us on Oct 21st and I am having a hard time pushing my sadness down anymore. I know she was a dog but she was My Dog,not the Family dog per say But MINE and she was my little miss she followed me went everywhere I went and knew how to cheer me up on my bad days. So here I am Having a Bad day and No Delilah. I will miss her forever!
Not only that sadness but I am having a moment of questioning  if  I am just waisting my time trying to have a business selling my leather creations. Had 2 events in a row and not great sales and my website not giving me any business and selling on Etsy is just as Grim...So what do i do ? My Husband Is just not as supportive like he used to be, He just belittles the places says I'm just waisting money and time. So what do I do? I need something to feel Like I'm  contributing to the Family and myself worth. I know times are Very hard and People just don't have the $ to spend on stuff They don't need and so  I'm wondering what Now? Do I wait until things get back on track for folks or just keep on plugging away. Maybe I need to expand my Services and items I sell.
More sewing items? I am at a crossroads do I just get a job? Even If I could get one. I want to be Home for my kids so they always have me here when they need me.What am I to do? As with all my great delemas I seek a higher power to show me the way And so I will seek my answer in Him
God Bless and Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving full of Thanks and Blessings


  1. Hi Julicia - You are not the only one struggling with these questions. Believe me! I actually took a job a few months after I started trying to do my grocery shopping business, then realized the grass was not greener on the other side of the fence. Maybe you need to bring your sewing expertise in with your offerings? Doing a 'business' is diffcult - involves a lot of things. Not just a good product and the desire to excel. Networking is essential - you're doing lots of vendor fairs and it's just time. Let's get together and chat.

    If you love journaling because it's theraputic, then do that on a blog. If a business blog just is something that is taxing your brain, then don't do it. I'd say more pictures of your process, show your tools, raw materials into finished product, focus on personalization and pet stuff. People love to bling their pets! Hang in there - you will appreciate being able to stay home with kids if financially able to. Cindy

  2. Thanks Cindy You have Great Advice appreciate the peep talk


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