Saturday, April 16, 2011

April already

Well seems that time doesn't stop just because I will it too. I WISH!!
so I was out of commission Last week due to a HORRIBLE FLU even 3 of my kids got it and my oldest daughter was out of school for 5 days and got a terrible ear infection with it so it was not Happy times in the House. I was a miserable Boar and still have congestion in my head I can t seem to get rid off. But I'm out of bed and working so all is good. But I missed the Skin & Steel sale last weekend and now I'm playing catch up. i have a sale I'm doing in Phoenix by the Baseball field for the Metro bike run it was free to set up and I can use the Opportunity to meet new customers. I find that with a Handcrafted business you need to be Out and About to show your work so folks can see,feel,smell,touch it to appreciate it. Also this week I'm working on a Prom dress I'm making for a Dear friends Daughter, SO FUN! if you know me this is my first trade I love sewing and making custom clothing for folks especially Prom/or costumes My Fav! Also I have my items I have to sew for another Client who is getting knit tops made in some great prints then add my duties as Household engineer and my leather work, so You can see I'm a little all over the place. So my plan is to Plan yeah I know another list,another plan but its the only way I can do it So I can keep on schedule. Oh  and top of all that I have to make products for a Sale I'm doing on May 22nd for the 5Th annual Puerto Rican Festival in Tempe,AZ  also the Karate festival in August for Disneyland
Then also keep up the Shops I sell on and my website which right now is in some serious need of updating.... UGH!!!! I need an assistant that can do all this computer stuff, postings & updating so I can just concentrate on Creating and designing well until I become wealthy I guess that wont happen.
So until next time I hope you are blessed in all you Endeavours
God Bless, Julicia

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