Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy October

Well Its official Its Fall here in Arizona which means we have a couple of more weeks of Hot weather but The Arts and Craft season is ON again YAY!!!
I did my First one on Sat 10/1 At the Artwerks Lateral First Saturday Art Walk.
Its in Old town Glendale where you will find so Many great Antiques shops,Boutiques,Coffee shops, Bakeries.Ice cream shop,Restaurants and so Much more. They have all the cities events in this area By the Library on the Park area where they have the Famous Glendale Glitters SO Fun for the Family for sure. I had a Fun day and Took my oldest son with for my Helper of the day(slave) so I can actually get up and meet up with all the other Artist Vendors that where there. It was a Hot one and so Not as many artist were there as the Last but it will pick up as the Temps get cooler. It was a Fun day and I made some sales so All in all it was a Great day. I gave my son the Job as Photographer and well some are good and others are well, lets just say he really likes taking pics of himself. I had some folks tell me they love my leather work because it reminded them of when they used to do it School and at camps.There was alot of Lookers as usual but I think folks will hopefully buy more next month when it get closer to the Holidays But I always tell them that if the wait too Long theres a chance I cant get them done. Handcrafted Artistry takes time and if you want something custom get earlier then later,You take the chance that I wont be able to make it in time. I always say a Handcrafted gift is better then a store bought mass produced one any day. You are supporting an American run business who will spend there earnings in there local area which in turns helps America. just my opinion.

Whats next for Me? Well On Oct 15-16th I will be at the Arizona State Fair opening weekend selling my Creations, This will be my first time selling here and I think it will be a FUN day, LOVE the State fair. This time I will be taking my oldest Daughter for Help(slave of the day) she is really looking forward to it. I plan on Pushing out product like crazy for this event and I'm think of doing some new stuff. like some belts,wallets,check book covers,knife sheaths, and anything else that pops into my brain. I'm going to be doing more looks for guys and do some scary stuff since it will be close to Halloween I'm thinking teens will really be into it, Cant hurt to try.

And besides my Leather work I am Making Our Halloween costumes we will be all dressed in Period costumes. Our theme is 3 Musketeer's for the Guys and us girls will be the Ladies of the royal court with a little twist we will be Armed, like the Newest movie that's coming out on the 30th of this month, which looks awesome by the way.
So thats my October so far always looking for more events to do and always busy being Mom ofcourse.  I hope all have a Blessed Month and Please Leave me comments or share my blog with others or come connect with me on my Facebook page,etsy shop,zibbet shop, and twitter
God Bless
Support a Handcrafted Artist and support an Artist Dreams

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