Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Up coming events and Plans

Well its been 2 weeks and I'm Doing a New Post Not bad But seriously need  to get better.... Ya add it to my To do List : ). Well The Fall season is Starting here in Arizona which means I'm back to selling at some Markets and Art Fairs YAY!!!! I really love doing them , I get to be out in the world and meet new people and chat with Friends and hopefully make some money at it. These past few months sales on my Online shops have been SO slow. I'm wondering why I even bother, I am so lacking the Time and Man power to make it in the world of Handcrafted Online shops. Most my sales come from events I do and from people I personally know. I need to punch through this wall that is keeping me in the same spot I was last year when I first started. I thought I would have been in a better way in sales by now. Needless to say its rough sometimes when you go months and No sale its a Blow to ones ego and it has made me think. What am I doing? Actually applied to Petsmart for a part time job next is Walmart.
Since my youngest started Kindergarten I'm home struggling with the the fact that my home business is just not cutting it and maybe just need to Hang it Up. I'm at the point that I have no clue what to do? I don't have the $ to pay for advertisement on blogs and businesses that promote handmade, I don't have the $ to get my website onto search engines  or even the knowledge to do it myself
I am even losing the drive to Push on, to keep going, to just strive thru it. Oh GOSH I'm so off why I was making a Post... Lets start again shall we?

OK, First Saturdays of the Months I will be In Glendale,AZ for the Artwerks Lateral 58 My favorite event to do. It has some really cool artists there and it has Grown so Big in its first Year I'm Looking forward to this new season.
Next thing I have in Concrete is Arizona State fair Opening Weekend
Oct 15-16th
Then In Nov I will actually miss the first Saturday in Glendale because my Husbands Karate School will doing a Demonstration for the Desert Shrimp Festival in Gila Bend,AZ Nov 5th.

So I am on the look out for events to do and If your local and reading this Please send me the Hook up to events I would greatly appreciate it. That is another time consuming Money eating thing. You have to do when your an Artist/craftsman on the vending markets. And trying to explain that to the Hubby is well a recurring subject I'm also getting tired of doing.

On a cheerier note I have been doing some new things in My Leather. I am my happiest when I am trying new and creative stuff. I find Great joy when I have an Idea and work it through to an actual Product, Now only if I can do it more often. Right now I'm working on a Custom Order for a Gal who wants a Full Rig for her Job as a Security Officer. I have made her a Pepper spray holder from scratch, pattern and constructing it to the tooling and dyeing, all my Hand work. Now I'm doing her Holster then next is the Belt, radio carrier and Magazine holders. Thank god She has given me Creative licence I love it when Folks can trust you.
Also working on some Items to celebrate "The Day of the Dead" "Dia De la Muerto" I think that's how its spelt??? And it has been supper fun doing that, It was suggested by a Beading Artist I met in Artwerks Lateral, Gloria. Its full of lots of color and details and a subject that is new to me so I'm having fun. This medallion will be put on a Chain and made into a Necklace. I have a cuff on the table now It has 3 different skulls on it with stamped designs and lots of Colors.
Well That's it for today, 
May God Bless you with Abundance as he has done for me and my family
God Bless

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