Monday, January 10, 2011

Making the Time

Well Its another Monday Yay!!! Its 8:30 am and all the kids are in school and Davian is still asleep. Its nice and quiet and I can hear my Thoughts so I am writing.Today is the start of being more Productive and making the time to do what I need to do. And what is that you ask? Well a great question, As I am a stay at Home Mom Of 4 and trying to Pursue a Home based Business. I am really my own boss and only answer to me and God, what is it I need to do? Well I am having a hard time doing  a schedule of  Mommy duty and Business duty.Especially when I don't actually have an Office where I can close the door and just work without being called on. So I think I will have to make my Business hours from like 6am to 3pm and since Davian My 4 yr old is a Very easy Guy to have around and Daddy's Home during the Day, He is taken care of. So what is it I need to do during my " Business hours" Lets see I check my emails, my work ones and Personal ones, Facebook personal and work pages, Pay bills home and business, Post my Blog, and also find venues to sell my stuff either Fairs and festivals or my online shops. I seriously need to add more items to sell which means alot of posting, typing,photos and etc... Then I have alot of Ideas just bouncing in my Head I need to get down on paper and start creating.  That is a process in its self. After I have my ideas down  I check to see if other place online have similar items and research price points and viability of it actually selling. What? Viability of selling? well that's just big words for : I ask my family and friends their opinions of what I'm thinking and I go from there. Then after that I do samples and depending on what it is it can be a day of Prepping, a day of Creating then a day or 2 to finish. Then presto its an actual Item I can touch and see. So Now I am focused and I am ready to start creating.
My plan is to clean my work area get it organized this morning and start doing leather this afternoon.  and I actually have some orders I need to get ready to mail for tomorrow. so This is My Post for Monday January 10th and I WILL have one for Tuesday beacause I am Making it a Part of my business hours!
Well God Bless and Have a Glorious and Productive Day
Julicia Hernandez

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  1. Yahoo! Glad to hear from you on your blog. It is all about setting a schedule and getting down to business, which is hard to do while you're sitting in the middle of your house! I made a list of daily goals, which intermingles my home and work 'to do' list and it has helped me focus and be more productive on both ends.


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