Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year, New Start

Happy New Year!! Another year down and I am Blessed I had my Parents and nieces over for the Holidays. Had a Great 2 weeks with my Mom and 2 nieces and the kids had even a better time hanging with their cousins and Abuela.
When they left it was so Quiet!! Just shows how much fun you miss when you don't live close to your Family.
Well A New Year and a New Start. I have been trying to figure out how I can have a year where I make money instead of Lose it. Having a Home based business Is really frustrating sometimes when you work hard making products and Countless hours Creating products for Craft Fairs and You Barely make enough to pay for your Booth. Then try explaining it to Your Spouse Who just thinks its a waste of time in the first place, I pray I don't hear it Again and try to justify what I'm trying to do. What is a Girl to do? I have this need to accomplish something besides being an awesome Mom, I feel sometimes I am not fulfilled. I'm missing out on something, I'm not being true to Me, My Creative Soul. But I am lost as to How I can accomplish this. I have LOTS of Ideas, Plans and Designs I want to do but as the day passes I find myself at the end of the night laying in Bed Saying Oh Damn!! And I missed another day to accomplish something that was not on Mommy Duty. So this year I plan on Changing this, I have always made list for the kids so they know what they need to do and by when. So I will have one For Me. I plan on Writing every idea,design, Plan in a Notebook. If I see it its more accountable. I have all these Ideas,Plans,designs rattling in my head its overwhelming sometimes and its just pushed off and forgotten. No More!!, as soon as I have an Idea I am writing it down. This will be something I can use for my To Do List and Make me accountable and in the end I plan on Finishing tasks.I hope this can be a Step in making me a Profit generating Business and still enjoy being a Creative soul plus still being a Awesome Mom.
Well here's to a Successful start to A Great New Year
God Bless, Julicia

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