Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What to do When things Dont go as you Hoped

In Short You Keep Going!!!! That's what I do I did a sale at a New Market and to say the Least It Was A Big Disappointment
Paid 50 for slot and made 17 and spent like 10.. so it was not a great day for me. It was another day of what am I doing this for? What am I trying to accomplish? Well I want folks to see my products and see my creations for one, But it just seems they were not interested on Saturday. I want them to see the beauty and want to own it. I want to Make money so I can contribute to our Family. Then secondly I need to feel I am doing something for myself. Exactly what do I mean by this? This is not easy to answer, As a Mom of 4. My children are my First concern and their Happiness and stability is #1 on my list. But as they get older and I get older and less needed I have this ever creeping feeling I'm not being true to Me. I have this fear that I will be done with raising my kids and Home thinking what now? I don't want to be sitting there thinking I had wasted my talents and skills and Have a feeling of rushing to making up for it.. My first thought to this is my Mom, She sacrificed alot in her life and now I see she is regretful and wished she had chosen different paths. I don't want this, I see what regret and what ifs does to people. I will not be one!!!
So I start this week with the sense that Shit happens and you move on
I am still in the process of trying to find the success part of owning a Home based  Business but I welcome the Lessons and I will learn from them.
If I have learned anything from my Parents, It is you keep striving and do what you Love everything will fall in it's place.
I hope all have a Blessed Day 
God Bless Julicia

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  1. Well maybe you should relax and get more inspiration. I've looked at some of your crafts/jewelery and maybe a little more bright and vibrant coloured leathers would be nice. Have a great week!


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