Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why I Blog??

Well It must Be a eclipse or something because it's the 3rd blog post I did this week AMEN! And I would like to contribute this to my Networking Friends
Every single one says you need to Blog!! Social Media is the way for business to Prosper in this new age of Computer connectivity. So I have one But Its still in the beginning stages of where I want it to Go. I want it to be more about How I do my creations and show my process and maybe alittle about my personal struggles as a Stay at Home Mom of 4 who's trying to make a Home based Business Thrive. But For now its more about my Struggles and how I plan on overcoming them. I have Plans on starting some videos on my working process and show some of my work area and how I actually make some of my stuff.
I think if folks see that its Not so easy to create One-of a Kind Leather Jewelry they would appreciate it more and be more likely to Buy something (that's my theory anyway) Now I just need to come up with Ideas on how to actually do this without paying someone to do it for me, Cause you did notice I have a husband,4 Kids and 5 dogs To feed and care for and That is not Cheap. So I am all about doing things for Free . I am the Bargain Hunter and Coupon queen.
Just wish I had a Good Video camera, so I will be asking some friends if they have one to lend me for a week or so. Also need to come up with script ideas and Layout and a plan on how the videos should flow and so on. Then the editing thing has me alittle worried I have No Idea or concept on how to do this..
Here's to another Glorious Day and to a better one tomorrow
god Bless,Julicia

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Welcome To My Blog

Thank you for checking on my Blog it is a work in Progress and hopefully will have a Regular post on it as I am trying to make it so,They say do a new thing for 21 days and it becomes Habit so I have made this my new one thing. Here's to building new Healthy Habits